Looking for ideas on amazing outings with your dog?


More and more businesses are recognizing the advantages of being pet-friendly. Catering to dog lovers is now a priority for many businesses.  Here are a few weekend adventures for you and your dog.


6 Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations


The Dog Beach


Heading to the beach to soak up some rays sounds like a fun weekend.  Bringing your dogs along would make it even more perfect.  Boarding can cause anxiety in dogs and besides that, you would save a ton of boarding fees!

Some of the famous dog beaches are:

Huntington Dog Beach – CA

Huntington Beach, California

Wildwood Dog Beach – NJ

Fort De Soto Dog Beach – FL 

Montrose Dog Beach – IL

Rosie’s Dog Beach – CA

Bald Head Island – NC

Cannon Beach – OR

Del Mar Dog Beach – CA

Driftwood Beach – GA

Jupiter Beach – FL

Hiking in the Woods

If you aren’t a beach person, perhaps you would prefer an adventure in the woods.  Rent a camper, bring the dogs and head to the woods.

dog camping near tent

“The Ultimate Guide to Camping with Dogs” by Ann Gibson is an excellent article on camping with dogs. Did you know there are rules for camping with dogs?  And some campgrounds are more dog-friendly than others.  Are you ready for an outdoor adventure this Fall?

Local Restaurants

Many restaurants have opened their doors to dogs.  Next time you go out to eat, call ahead and ask them if you can bring your dog.

Chefs enjoy cooking for dogs or sending a treat or two out of the kitchen.  You’d be surprised what they can cook up.  I recently heard a chef on a talk show state that he has a special gourmet dish that he cooks for dogs…and dogs just love it!



Dogs just love going out on the water.  Just make sure they have a doggie life jacket on because when it gets a little warm, they won’t hesitate to jump overboard for a refreshing swim!

If you want someone else to do the “driving,” there are sailing excursions that allow dogs.  Dog Gone Sailing Charters is my favorite!  Check out Great Pet Friendly Boat Cruises

Wherever you decide to go, please make sure that your dog does not get car sick.  One of my dogs, Rosie, can’t make it longer than 15 minutes in a car before she vomits.  There are plenty of anxiety/calming treats or homeopathy remedies out there to help.  Experiment with short rides to the local dog park before you venture out on a long car trip!




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