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McGyver is known to improvise and repurpose things to make something else.  Are you curious as to what would he do if given a bag of dog items?  Why not repurpose used dog toys, collars, leashes and such to make them into something memorable or simply useful.

1.  Dog Food Bags

If you buy dry dog food in large bags, then save those bags when empty. They are just the right size for a kitchen trash can liner and are very sturdy, much more so than standard plastic trash bags.


You can also use the food bags for storing garden items in the winter to protect them from the elements.

Another use of dog food bags, especially the kind that have a ziplock top, is to use it to put your filled poop bags into until trash day.  It helps keep odor at bay.

2.  Collars

A nylon or leather collar can easily be altered into a beautiful bracelet.  Visit the local craft store for charms that you can engrave or colorful beads to personalize the bracelet.  Your dog’s metal license can even be used as a charm.  Also remove the buckle of the collar and replace with a snap.  YouTube has  helpful videos with instructions.

If your puppy has outgrown its collar or if your dog has passed on, you can purchase a keepsake keepsake frame on Amazon.  It is similar to a shadow box but it allows you to mount your favorite photo and your dog’s collar and dog tags below it.  It can be displayed on a wall in your living room or that special place in your home. 

3.  Dog Toys

Scrapbookers will especially like this idea.  Used dog toys can be washed and cut up to spell your dog’s name then placed in a shadow box.  You can use plastic toys as well as fabric.  Be sure to also include photos in the box.  If you have photos of your dog with a special toy, it’s even more meaningful!

4.  Dog Photos

Walmart sells a collage blanket.  Choose some adorable pics of your pooch and send the photos to the address on Walmart’s website.  A blanket with the pics will be created and mailed to you.  A dog photo collage makes a great gift for as low as $50, depending on the size of the blanket.

Of course crafters can make something similar by purchasing a transfer medium at your local craft store to transfer photos onto a blanket or quilt of your choice.

5.  Choker Chain

Choker chains can be used to create necklaces or bracelets.  Attach a few charms such as  charms that spell your dog’s name or an engraved charm.  Search “collar charms” or “dog charms” on Etsy for some fantastic ideas.

6.  Dog Tags/Licenses

What do you do with your pet’s old rabies and dog tags? I’m guessing most people put them in a drawer and forget about them. How about putting the tags on a keyring and carrying them around as a reminder of a pet that has passed.  An added effect — have them engraved on the back with a dog’s name, date of birth/death, or something that you remember about them.

Another idea if you have lots of these tags, make a wind chime and hang it in a special place outside.

If you have other dog-related products not listed above and can’t think of anything to create with them, please donate them to a local rescue or shelter.  They will so appreciate your thoughtfulness.



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