Don’t forget Fido when you are shopping for Halloween costumes.  I found some of the best dog Halloween costumes on the internet!  I hope you agree.

UPS Dog Halloween Costume

This is for those of you that live on the shopping channel and look forward to “Brown” coming to your door!  And also for those of you that enter sweepstakes and are just waiting for UPS to bring you that “big win.”  I can just picture this on a large blond lab, can’t you?


TIP: Consider the color of your dog when purchasing clothing.  A black and white dog wouldn’t look nearly as cute in this garb as a blond or golden dog.

Walking Teddy Bear Dog Halloween Costume

This adorable dog Halloween costume is so soft and cuddly and it comes in all sizes.  It is a soft costume that you step the dog into.  The arms are false and just hang.  The gingham bow matches the ears and lining.  Please review the size chart.  Dog clothing is very difficult to fit.  Most clothing ask for the girth of the dog as well as the length.  This particular costume states that it is only for short and medium dogs.  Since this outfit is mainly on the front of the dog, the length of the dog doesn’t matter but the height would.

TIP: If you have two dogs, buy a Goldilocks costume to pair with this one!


Panda Dog Halloween Costume

For all of you with a black and white dog (me included!), here is an awesome panda dog costume.  Did anyone see this on Shark Tank?  I hope my dog Rosie tolerates it because she is getting one!

I like this one because you can adjust the face.  It fits a girth of  10-17 inches and a height of 13-14.5 inches.  Again, please measure your dog because this is a jumpsuit.  

This costume has actually won many awards.

TIP: The green “accessory” is attached by velcro so it can be removed and any seasonal item can be attached to the costume with velcro.  Attach a Christmas present, a stuffed animal, a Valentine’s Day heart…just about anything could be added for a  photo opportunity.


Lion Dog Halloween Costume

Of course I have to mention that lion Halloween costume…the one that you saw on the TV commercial last year.  A must for your golden retriever buddy or other light brown dog.  Turn your pooch into a jungle king. 

It is for medium and large dogs.  It will definitely have people doing a double-take!  Most dogs should be able to tolerate this since it doesn’t involve the legs and body.


Wonder Dog Halloween Costume

Get a Wonder Woman costume for yourself and purchase this one for your dog!  Do not choose a costume based on the breed of the dog.  To save you a lot of frustration and having to return dog clothing, only buy clothing based on girth and length of the dog.  Also consider how the clothing attaches.  TIP:  If the clothing slips over the head and your dog has a thick neck, consider purchasing something else that opens and closes with velcro or alter it and attach velcro.


There are so many possibilities with dog costumes.  There are  outfits for just about any holiday or event.

If you are a seamstress, fabric shops sell costume patterns that can be made fairly easily using a sewing machine or fabric glue.

I hope you enjoyed the costumes and have gotten some ideas and tips to fit your pooch with the perfect fashionable garment.



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