Many commercially-prepared dog foods appear to include with all the essential nutrients and minerals needed for a dog to grow healthy. However, if you will carefully read the food label, you will see that it’s full of preservatives, additives and chemicals that all claim to be safe for your dog to consume. Also, you may believe that the meat is the primary ingredient but, in fact, it is just grain. That is why many dog owners have switched to raw dog food for their beloved pets.

What is raw food?

As the name suggests, raw food is made from organ meats, fresh eggs, raw meat and bones, fruits and vegetables. The raw diet is based on what feral dogs supposedly eat in the wild to survive. As humans, we may think that raw food is unpalatable, but for dogs, the diet is only natural and is healthy.

However,  the raw diet is still a controversy among many dog experts and veterinarians alike. It is currently being widely discussed and is not recommended by most institutions. But for those who feed their dogs with raw food, the diet comes as highly recommended.


Do your research about raw diet foods and learn about the controversies surrounding the topic before making a decision.

What are its benefits?

Wild dogs have survived hundreds of years from eating what nature has to offer. This only proves that raw food is healthier and free from substances, such as preservatives, which can eventually take its toll on your dog’s health. According to raw diet advocates, feeding your pooch with raw meals will give him many healthy benefits, which are:

  • Fur and skin is much healthier
  • Better oral health
  • Promotes weight loss in many overweight dogs
  • Lower risks of arthritis
  • Increased lifespan
  • Good for digestion and bowel movement

Digestion is a common problem many pet owners encounter today, and many would blame the condition on commercial dog food’s use of grain and additives.

Potential risks of raw diets


Scientists and veterinarians alike are against fresh food diets. Natural foods such as meat are found to be contaminated with bacteria that can only be killed through food cooking and processing.

Incomplete nutrition

Raw foods are often nutritionally deficient. Unlike commercially prepared dog foods, it may have a high number of preservatives, but you are guaranteed a balanced diet. Not all individuals are knowledgeable enough to come up with a raw meal that is nutritionally balanced. As you may know, raw foods don’t come with a nutrition label.

Food parts that are not prepared well

Food parts that are fresh and uncooked can potentially cause injury to a dog’s digestive tract. Sometimes it can also cause choking on some dogs. Most veterinarians would also point out that raw food diet is not backed with any scientific study, making the benefits listed above as anecdotal.

Some raw ingredients are costly

The cost of some components can be expensive. It would sometime prompt some pet owners to look for an alternative like buying cheap meat products. This practice would often cause a nutritional imbalance to pets. But you can always find solutions to these issues. If you have decided that it’s going to be raw food for your dogs, do extensive research to come up with a healthy meal plan.





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