You want your new dog to feel happy and comfortable in its new house – your home. Whether the new pooch is a puppy or an adult dog, or if he is purchased or given to you for free, you want to ensure that he is safe and comfortable. A dog that is unhappy will likely develop bad behaviors –such as thrashing the whole house, excessive barking, digging in the carpet, chewing and more.

Thankfully, there are many tips out there you can follow to help your dog adjust to his new home. In this article, we listed five of the best tips you can apply to help your dog be content and happy in his new surroundings.

Installing doggy doors

Dogs are natural explorers. By installing doggy doors, you are giving your pooch easy access to and from your home. It is a vital addition to your home especially if you need to leave your pet for extended hours. He needs to go outdoors for a toilet break or just simple sniffing around. Dogs that are confined inside a home for hours on end, alone, is the foundation of destructive behavior.


Be proactively ready for pest and parasite control


From ticks and fleas to hornets and bees, pests can be a nuisance to humans and pets alike. You don’t want our new canine friend to deal with these unwanted house guests. Hence, you need to be ready for pest invasions from time to time. Routine pest extermination is necessary to keep your home free from pests such as rats, cockroaches and more.

It is also necessary to get your dog routinely checked for any canine parasites. Roundworms and tapeworms are common internal parasites afflicting dogs of all ages. Fleas and ticks are also common and are harder to eliminate. However, treatment plans for fleas are available to eradicate the parasite.

Treats and rewards

Obedience training and socialization are necessary to raise a well-behaved, well-adjusted dog. Your pet loves to be rewarded with treats, lots of affection and encouraging words. We humans like it when we are hugged or even just get a simple touch from our loved ones – our dogs do too.

Make your home dog-proof

To make your dog feel secure and happy,  begin by ensuring his safety. Keep your home safe from your curious dog. You can start by storing all cleaning supplies safe from your pets and kids alike. Keep human medications away or out of reach, and be sure to keep all human food stashed safely or thrown into a well-covered garbage can.

Regular vet visits

Just like us, dogs can be wary of vet clinics. But it is necessary to ensure that they are in perfect health. Dogs can’t tell you what’s hurting them. Therefore, a routine check-up can help in determining a health problem before they become a full-blown, expensive illness.

If your dog becomes uneasy when visiting the vet, you can look for ways to keep him calm during examinations. Before the vet visits, you can teach him basic commands like sit, down, and stay which can help your dog calm his nerves. Reward him for following commands with treats and lots of praises and affection.



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