Escaping is something natural on dogs. For these furry friends, a fence is an obstacle that they can conquer if they want to have an adventure outside their place. And so, they will try to escape to satisfy that curiosity. They see the neighborhood and everything outside the gate or fence as something worth escaping for. They will be persistent doing this, basically because they have lots and lots of energy to burn and at the same time, it is in their nature. Toss in a few more behavior problems along with being an escape dog, like climbing and digging, and you are in for a serious problem.

You can try to prevent and eventually get rid of this behavior for your dog’s safety and security from the unknown. Below are some of the most useful recommendations from experts and dog lovers on the net.

Sterilize your dog

Dog lovers and owners sterilize their dogs with the help of a capable vet to keep them from roaming. Neutering is an effective means to lessen your dog’s interest to escape and roam around the neighborhood.


Keep your gate close at all times


A gate that is open is an invitation to escape, so keep it close all the time. Also, make sure to leave a note or let everyone else who lives with you to keep it shut in case they exit or enter the premises. This way, your dog will have no escape route.

Block your dog’s view of the neighborhood

Sometimes, your dog may be tempted of the neighborhood’s visual cues. The more it sees enticing adventures outside, the more it will try to escape. To prevent this from happening, you can use a landscaping to block your dog’s view outside or if the need is huge, you can build a solid fencing around your place.

Exercise and play with your dog

A well-exercised dog will have very few moments to spare on escaping. Toss in a few amusing toys for it to spend its free time and energy and you will have very worries of keeping him off the yard or escaping.

Use electric pet fencing

If your dog is also suffering from other behavior problems like climbing and/or digging, and it has gone overly persistent, you can add an electric pet fencing to the top and/or bottom of the existing fence. This will surely deter him from climbing, digging and ultimately escaping from your place.

Use negative commands on your dog like “No” and “Don’t” when you caught it in the act

Correct your dog’s behavior problem by letting it know that it has done mischief by using negative commands. Then, command it to “stay” and/or “sit” and commend its obedience with a nice pat on its head or a treat.

To a non-expert dog trainer, teaching your dog how to behave appropriately may become tedious but with love and patience, you will get a hang of it.




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