The two best ways you can bond with your lovely dog is through exercise and recreation.Dogs are supposed to move very often because physical activities can greatly help in reducing stress, fighting obesity, and improving behavior problems. Outside temperatures usually hinder them to do so because when it is warmer than usual, your dog’s capability to move around or exercise is in jeopardy. Heat places limits on your dog’s physical activities and you need to keep your furry friend cool.

Dogs are susceptible to heat stroke

Your dog naturally knows how he can overheating. When it pants, drinks water, seeks shade, and even stands or rolls in pools of water, it is actually avoiding the heat that has gotten to him. Still, excessive heat can get the better of your dog and its ability to cope may not be enough. They too can get heat stroke when confined to too much heat.

The brachycephalic breeds or those dogs with prevalently short noses are more susceptible to heat stress or stroke. Also, other triggers may be those who have been ill just recently, those with underlying  problems with their health, those who are under certain medications, or those that are obese.


Dogs Need to be cool when exercising


Dogs have different capabilities to cope with warmer temperatures and/or physical exertion. Those who are not toned for these extreme conditions have higher chances of suffering from heat stroke. In dogs, it takes 90 days for it to acclimate to environmental conditions.They have to be closely monitored at this time, especially when exercising and playing. A 10-minute rest period should be standard to dogs with new routines of exercise, especially during hotter days like in summer.

You should also plan your dog’s physical activities like workouts. The best time to do these things will be early mornings and/or late afternoons because at these times, temperatures are cooling down.You should also bring plenty of water, preferably cold, and water bowl that collapses as it is pretty much suited for your dog. Its footpads may be durable as they are thick but  they too can get burned and become sensitive when overly exposed to excessively hot surfaces for too long. A lightly coating of sunscreen will definitely help prevent skin cancers and sunburn, especially to white dogs who are most prone to these skin diseases.

Symptoms of heat stress

  • Continuous panting
  • Lying down too often
  • Pacing
  • Refusing activities
  • Showing signs of anxiety
  • Slowing down
  • Whining

Tips when dog overheats

  1. Remove from heat, and let it drink cold water.
  2. Use a fan or air conditioner.
  3. Use tepid water to wet its fur and skin. This will speed up cooling. Deter ice-cold water it may cause vasoconstriction, which will even lock in the heat in your dog’s skin.


Ultimately, take your dog to your trusted veterinarian in case you have the reason to believe that your dog may be suffering from heat stroke.




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