Dogs need all the nourishment they can have. Just like humans, they need vitamins and minerals in order to be healthy. Some dog food available in the market do not have enough nutrients your dogs need. So as dog owners, it is our responsibilities to look for food that will supply all the nutrients are dogs need. Not only that, our beloved dogs might be needing a lot more than just the usual nutrients during special cases such the following: if they are going through phases as picky eaters, pregnant or nursing mothers, recovering from a certain illness, is suffering from skin problems, among others. You can consult your vet about a useful nutritional supplement for your dogs.
Let us find out the vitamins and minerals that are helpful for our dogs’ health, growth, development and healing. Again be reminded that all of these have side effects, so it is still best to have an appointment with your vet before giving food with these vitamins to your pets.
Antioxidants are among the most helpful components that almost all living creature need for longer and healthier lives. Basically antioxidants fight off cell damage. You can find these components in substances like lycopene, glutathione, turmeric, and pycogenol.
B Vitamins are also very important for dogs for they repair damaged tissues. B vitamins also help dogs to have a better appetite. Brewer’s Yeast is known to be rich in B Vitamins and also a good source of protein.
The component Chondroitin is known to promote dogs’ joint and cartilage health. This makes our pets’ muscles stronger and more agile.
Calcium, as we know, aids in promoting strong and healthy bones. Calcium is also very important to elderly dogs and lactating mom dogs.
You’re probably unfamiliar with Acidophilus. This is actually a good kind of bacteria that helps in good digestion and is also good in curing diarrhea. Some of its other benefits include curing of skin problems, bad breath, and dull coat.
It is also good to give dogs food that are rich in dietary fiber for this helps dogs have good digestion and also helps in cholesterol level regulation.
Check dog food labels for folic acid. This component is good for your dog’s cardiovascular system.
It is also good to give dogs food rich in Vitamin C for it has a lot of benefits. It promotes healthy skin, bones, teeth and helps fight off cell damage to name a few.
Vitamin E is also very helpful for it is good for our dog’s lungs and heart. It is also good for their digestive system.
Some vets prescribe iron supplements for dogs because it is a very important component in our dog’s blood.
Also check labels for Vitamin D—it aids in the body’s absorption of calcium.
Ginger is very good in soothing our beloved pet’s motion sickness and it can also help in promoting better digestion.
Lutein is known to improve eye health.
Probiotics are proven components that help out dogs with upset stomach. These microorganisms are also very useful in promoting good digestion.
Zinc is also good for your dogs because it helps improve their immune system.

With all these knowledge of vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies good for your dog’s health, make sure you still consult your vet. It is important you have a solid nutritional diet plan for your dogs.



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