Often times, we dog owners oversee the value of good exercise for our dogs. We would think:
“My dog doesn’t need any exercise! He’s already running around the house!”
“Why would he need exercise? He is perfectly healthy!”
Sometimes we don’t realize that our dogs are falling for lives of hedonism and complacency. Having a healthy lifestyle is also an important aspect of protecting our dogs from diseases and other complication. Also, it is not just about the exercise—it is also about maintaining a good diet for our beloved pooches. One may not see the importance of it at present, but in the long run, the bad eating habits, lack of exercise and general disregard for a good lifestyle will take its toll on your beloved pet.
So how do we lead our dogs to a healthy lifestyle? Follow these simple ways

1. Diet Is A Huge Factor
In order to be healthy, dogs should enjoy a balanced diet. They also need various vitamins and minerals to keep their skin, coat and eyes healthy, improve bodily function, improve immune system and fight off illnesses. Dog owners are advised to refrain from giving the dogs table food. Aside from the fact that some table food are not good for your dog’s health, they would succumb to the idea of preferring table food instead of their healthy dog food. Always make it a habit to consult your vet about the food you’re going to serve. Also ask the best frequency of dog meals. Do not be deceived by expensive and fancy wet dog food available in the market today. They might tell you they are super healthy and super good for your dogs, but think otherwise. You can consult these so called high quality dog food with the vets as well.

2. Let Your Dogs Exercise
Exercise is often seen as boring and timing consuming for most humans, but they do not realize how exercise can be converted into something fun and exciting for our dogs. It need not be a formal high intensity training for you and your dogs. Simple activities will already count as exercise, as long as they involve loads of energy bursts, calorie burning, and stretching! You can join your dogs for exercise through a series of tag and catch outside, and they would not even notice that you are leading them for work out. You just need to give this activity some time in your busy schedule.


3. Let Them Loose!
The common mistake of dog owners everywhere is opting to stick their dogs inside the house without some activity whatsoever. In order to start a healthy lifestyle, one needs to let their dogs loose. Let them run around the yard, or inside the house. Their energy alone will serve as a start-up for any work out. Instead of keeping your dogs inside crates or kennel, it is best to let them explore, not knowing they are already doing exercise in the process.



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