One way of showing our love to our beloved dogs is to give them lots of food. It is one of the classic ways of spoiling our beloved pets—by feeding them whenever they approach us, asking us for treats. But as dog owners, we must be well aware that not all food are good for them. There are even some human food which prove to be harmful, fatal even for our dogs. So with this, we dog owners must know what food can be and can’t be given to our pets.
You can always research on what food to give to your dogs. If you are totally not sure about a certain human food that you want to give to your dog, you can always ask your vet. If you are still feeling the uncertainty, you can always return to vegan treats. If you want to play up with your dog’s diet, you can try these other foods that are safe for your pups.
Can our dogs eat apple?
The answer is.. Yes! Although dog owners must be really careful not to include the core and the apple seeds (they contain cyanide that is harmful for dogs’ health). The portion of which is also something to consider. One cannot simply give a generous amount of apple slices to their pets. A few small slices will do. Just like other fruits which contain heaps of minerals and other nutrients, apples can be good for the dogs—just make sure the serving is not too much. Apples are rich in vitamin K, Vitamin C and calcium. Experts also says that apples can double as a budget friendly dental chew alternatives for our pets.

It has been a common question for dog owners as well: “can I feed bananas to my dogs?”
The answer is yes! We all know the health benefits of bananas to humans- with it being rich in potassium and minerals, it is also a good source of fiber— which can benefit your dogs’ bowel health. Bananas are super safe for dogs to eat. Just make sure your dogs wont consume much of these fruits, too much bananas can cause constipation.

How about Avocados?
A big nope. We all know how delicious avocados are. Sadly, it is not a good idea to feed this fruit to your dogs. Why you may ask? One of the components of avocados is the chemical “persin” which is a fungicidal toxin—mostly found at the pit and into the fruit pulp. Other animals (birds, rabbits, among others) do not react well with this fruit, Dogs are known to get upset stomachs after eating avocados. Although experts say dogs won’t really fall into something serious, still, a little prevention goes a long day. In case of emergency, and your dog consumes a lot of avocados, call your vet immediately.


Can our dogs enjoy popcorn?
The thing with popcorns is this: though they are not toxic or fatal for our pets, it could be a little nuisance most specially when those uncooked seeds are swallowed. We can easily pick them out, but our dogs wouldn’t know the difference. Those un popped corn seeds may be a little too uncomfortable when eaten.
Can I give my dog almonds? or other nuts?
No you cannot.
Nuts usually give dogs upset stomachs—so this is the type of food you should avoid giving to dogs. You may probably wonder why nuts are not good for your dogs. Simply because their digestive systems are not designed to handle nuts, most especially macadamia nuts. Watch out for the following signs and symptoms: obvious discomfort, vomiting, and diarrhea. Take your dog to your vet at once for medical attention.

You can give your dogs some peanut butter though. In fact, peanut butter is among dogs’ favorite treats in the world. They are easy to eat (they just lick away) plus they are super nutritious- rich in vitamins E and B, also rich in niacin and healthy fats.
It is totally okay to spoil your dogs with food. Just to make sure you give them food which are healthy for them—and don’t spoil them with food that may cause harm. That way, you can totally show your tender loving care to your beloved pets.



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