Every dog owner should know the importance of impulse control in dogs. Impulse control, first and foremost, is crucial in any dog trainings. The main idea of starting off any training with your dog’s full attention. You can only do this if your dog has an impeccable impulse control. A lot of factors could distract your pet, but with impulse control, he or she won’t give in too easily to temptations.

Do not worry. We can find ways to improve and increase the impulse control of your dogs. We just need a lot of hard work, patience, and cooperation. Also, our dogs will be needing our support. Make sure to be there for him or her every step of the way.

Here are some of the many ways to help improve the impulse control of your pet dogs:


The Use of a Clicker

New dog owners often ask experienced ones if using a clicker for training actually works. Some already gave their testimonials, saying training their dogs prove to be much easier with the use of the clicker. Sometimes when dog trainers count on giving treats or praise, they miss the right moment to give the reward, missing the dog’s attention altogether. Whereas, with the use of the clicker, the cueing is always consistent. Although not all dog owners and pets adapt well to the clicker training, there are still some dog trainers who highly recommend this technique. One can go back to the classic positive reinforcement technique to show praise and appreciation for their dog for a job well done.

Teach Your Dog to Look At You

A dog owner can improve his or her dog’s impulse control by (first of all) teaching them to look at you directly. The connection between dog owners and their pets will be established with eye contact. To do this, you need to accomplish the following:
In order to increase your dog’s focus, you should know that they cant be forced to GIVE you their focus. They must be able to do it themselves. Perhaps with a clicker, or some delicious dog treats, and by calling them, you can get their attention. As soon as he/ she approaches, give him or her the treat. Now you have to wait for his/ her choice: he/she might look back up at you or he/she might wander off. If he/ she looks at you, give him another click/ reward. Your dog will surely remember that particular reward. Let your pet know how proud you are with his/her achievement. This first step is huge leap in your aim of teaching him impulse control.

The Power of The “Settle Down” Command

Calm is an adjective that could not be used to describe most dogs. The thing is, dogs are innate reactors—they react to sound, presence of other animals, lights, among others. Dog owners should understand that dogs who do not follow them or answer to their becks or calling, are not stubborn or ill mannered dogs. Of course these lovable pets won’t answer to you if YOU HAVEN’T TRAINED THEM TO DO SO. Dogs need to be taught and trained to be relaxed. Once you have taught your dog the “settle down” command, you would know how easy it is to establish connection and state a command

Do Not Forget To Reward Their Patience

Any training is an achievement for both dog owners and dogs. It is super rewarding to see them progress. The amount of hard work and patience your dog is showing are something to proud of. With this, remember to show how proud you are of their patience. Give them a treat, praise them, give them encouraging words—all these will go a long way in improving your dog’s impulse control

A good example of a great owner and dog relationship is one that is more than just food, shelter, or good grooming— it is one that is sealed by the power of trust and communication.



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