In this time and age, everybody is busy – we understand. But your dog will be needing some of your time no matter how busy life is – and he deserves it. Thankfully, most dogs are not all demanding creatures, and they are quite easy to please. But it might take some planning on your part so that playtime (a.k.a. bonding time) with your dog will be enjoyable for both of you. Here are some of the great activities you could do to bond with your dog:

Visit a pet store

Most dogs love visiting the pet store, and if you haven’t tried it with your dog yet, we think you’re missing out on one of the best things that most dogs love. The pet store is like heaven to dogs. The smells of food and treats are inviting, and the toys are just about everywhere. Your dog gets to meet some pups in the pet store, too!

Let your dog explore the store for a while. To make the pet store experience even more exciting for your dog, let him choose toys that he’d like to bring home. Before leaving, make sure that you buy some of the things your pup loves. Sure enough, you’ll be taking home one happy dog.


Plan adventures with your dog


An outdoor trip or some getaway with your dog is a great idea that would give your dog a break he deserves. You may want to plan out your adventures with your dog in places that you’ve never been to before – perhaps, you should try visiting a new park, or go up a hiking trail, or just visit the beach. A camping trip sounds good as well.

If you think your dog enjoys being around other people and animals, you may plan for a getaway or a car trip to fun and new places. Shopping with your dog could be fun, and so is dining at a dog-friendly restaurant! Try out some of the dog-friendly hotels, too! Nothing beats a great bonding time on adventures such as these.

Plan indoor activities with your dog

If the weather is not too good, you won’t have much of a choice but to stay at home with your dog. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t have to do anything for your dog. There are lots of things you can do indoors – even more than you probably think! Other than snuggling with your dog, you can play engaging pup-friendly puzzles and games with your pet. You may also try to train him indoors with new tricks!

Eat your lunch somewhere public

Dogs get fascinated over the simplest of things – passersby, cars, pets on leashes, and a whole lot more. So, eating at a sidewalk café may not be such a bad idea at all. You get to eat, while your dog could observe some of the goings-on on the street. Alternatively, you could even try having a picnic in the park, where your dog could interact with people and pets and still be able to play with you while you enjoy the peaceful ambiance.



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