Sometimes, usual playtime with our beloved dogs get a little boring because we tend to do the same things over and over again. Good thing there are ways to change up playtime and make them more exciting for maximum dog fun!

You can take your dogs hiking in the mountains
Dogs absolutely love the outdoors. Bringing them along to those nice hiking trips would be good for them. The usual boring walks around the neighborhood is no match for the amazing view and challenging terrain of the mountains. Your dogs will truly love sniffing around the new scents of nature too! This can definitely spice up your dog’s walking experience!

Bring Your Dogs Along For Fun Family Outings
Let your dogs explore more and experience different places by bringing the along various family outings. Your dogs will surely love the social gatherings. When they are out with their fellow dogs, they are stimulated mentally, physical, and socially. If you have truly socially playful dogs, you can bring them to dog parks to play and interact with other dogs. Make sure you closely monitor your dogs’ behavior at the dog park and make sure they won’t be too aggressive or dominant to the extent of putting other dogs at risk.


You can let your dogs join you for an adventure. If you like driving boats or going on kayaking, you can bring your dogs with you. Just make sure you have a behaved and well trained dog who can quickly follow commands and has good impulse control. This way, trips will be safer and more fun!

Enjoy Swimming With Your Dogs
No doubt about it: dogs enjoy a lot of water activities! You can bring them to safe swimming spots—may it be at the beach, river or lakes, or perhaps just in your own swimming pool, as long as you make sure you have a doggie life jacket in hand. Dogs would be super excited with every splash and play! This activity is also a good form of low impact exercise for elderly dogs.
If you simply have no time to bring them to other places to swim, you can just simple
turn the sprinklers on and watch as magic happen!

Challenge Them With A Game of Scavenger Hunt
Dogs are natural born sniffers and scavengers. They are known for their scavenging abilities and are often observed to be super happy when they are “hunting” for some treats. Reinvent play by organizing a scavenger hunt for your dogs. This will not only improve their scavenging abilities; they will definitely get their kicks from the thrill of finding the treats you have hidden in the yard or inside the house.
Bring Them To New Places
A dog owner can make their dogs super happy by showing them to new places. You can take them to pet friendly areas in town such as pet friendly shops and dining spots where dogs are allowed.

There are a lot more activities that needs little effort to do but will give utter joy and fun to your beloved pooches. It is all about being creative and being open to changes and explorations.



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