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Dogs have goals.  Humans might not agree with them at first, but over time, I, Rosie (the dog), can convince my owner to do most of what I want.  She can’t resist my puppy dog face!

I saw my owner making New Year’s resolutions so I thought about some goals that I would like to reach in 2019.

GOAL #1 –  Snack all day and not gain weight.  

My Plan:  I saw my owner looking at this dog treat dispenser on the internet.  I got excited when I saw it because when she’s at work there is nobody to give me treats all day.  I can feed myself  with this…all the treats that the containers can hold!  When my owner goes into the kitchen I’ll ask Alexa to order it.  I hope it’s in stock!  


GOAL #2 – Go to doggie day care TWICE a week instead of once a week to play with my friends.


My Plan:  Lay around, whine and act sad.  My owner will feel sorry for me and sign me up for more daycare!  I love it when she puts me in the car, fastens me in (because she is all about safety!) and rolls down the windows.  Nothing better than the wind in my fur!  

GOAL #3 – Get a fenced backyard so I can invite my neighbor Lucy over for a play date…and get one of those dog windows so I can see those squirrels coming!

My Plan:  When my owner takes me for a walk and we pass by Lucy’s yard, I’ll play with her through the fence and then whine and refuse to leave.  And when we encounter squirrels, I’ll run and try to catch them.  She will realize I need more squirrel time and build a fence.  Since I like to look out the window of the house, maybe she’ll install a window in the fence so I can’t keep an eye on Lucy. 

I hope you like my 2019 New Year’s resolutions.  I’ll let you know in December if I am successful.  Now onto my goals…



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