Is your dog excited when it comes to eating?
Or the opposite?

You are lucky if your dog loves to eat. But if not, do not worry because there are simple yet effective tricks you could do to get them to not be picky about food.

However, a dog’s appetite depends on how his eating habits have formed from an early age.


So, it is best to give them a healthy diet at an early age. But if this is no longer possible, just follow these and make sure to be consistent in order to make sure that they will love to eat healthily.

1. Have a consistent schedule

Like humans, dogs eat at about 1 to 3 meals per day.

Set a schedule of when they should eat so that they will be accustomed to it. But their servings should depend on their individual needs.

And if they refuse to eat the food, try again at the next scheduled eating time.

2. Treats ruin dinner, so don’t give too much

We are used to giving treats to our dogs every time they do something or even when you just feel like it. This will become a habit and one that is hard to break.

So instead of giving them a lot of treats, praise them instead or play with them when they have done something good. This way, they will not always look for treats and will eat the food they are given.

3. Always give them healthy food along with their favorites.

If your dog has become a picky eater, perhaps you should evaluate what you serve them.

Decide on a course with healthy servings along with their usual food. This should become their diet consistently.

Remember to not spoil your dogs as this will become a problem.

4. Their food should be separate from yours

It is okay if you want to share with them your food. But put it in their bowl. In order for them not to confuse your food with dog food.

Because once they have associated your food with dog food, then this is troublesome. Your dog will always go to you when you eat and will ignore his own food.

So, as early as possible, set boundaries and stick to these.

5. Always think healthy

It is fine if you want to give your dog human food sometimes.

But pick what you give them. Veggies, fresh meat or other healthy food are fine to give. But don’t spoil them with fried and fatty foods.

Remember, dogs should be healthy too. So, keep in mind their diet and try to restrict them to a healthier option always.

Dogs are part of our family. So, like any other member of the family if they become picky-eaters we have to do something.

Follow these tips and always think that the healthier our dog will be, the more time we will have with them. Instead of giving them too many treats, spoil them with love and affection, and they will surely do the same to you.



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