There are different types of dogs. Naturally, their behavior is different from each other.

Some dogs are shy and peaceful. While others are playful and sometimes aggressive. But sometimes even the quiet dogs get into a fight.

So, what should you do if you are faced with this situation?


The first thing to do should be to assess the situation carefully. Be calm and observe their behavior.

If it is not a serious fight then you don’t need to worry because that is normal among dogs.

But if you see these signs then this is an entirely different story:
· Snapping
· Crouching
· Growling
· Tail folding
· Fearful stances
· Licking of lips
· Thrusting

If you decide to break their fight then remember these methods:

1. Put a pillow or other things between the dogs

While placing the pillow or any other item, remember to be calm.

Don’t get too close to their mouths because they would divert their anger to you. Stay at a safe distance and don’t panic.

2. Make a loud noise

Try to distract them with anything loud. Such as the doorbell or play a song. Or better yet juggle some coins in a can.

3. Distract them with citronella or water

Spraying water will help cool them down and be distracted. Citronella works as well.

Or you could even try to splash some cold water. This will definitely get their attention.

Just make sure that whatever you spray on the dogs are safe for them.

4. Throw a blanket at them

Throwing a blanket can help distract their gaze from each other. This will, in turn, help them ease up and hopefully break the fight.

Just be careful not to do this recklessly. As they may see this as an act of aggression.

5. Force them to do something else

By force, I do not mean literally.

Just a simple and firm invite for a walk would suffice. Or you can invite them to play catch or give them any toy.

By giving them something to do instead of fighting they will direct their energy to that.

6. The ultimate solution: the wheelbarrow technique

If all else fails, try this method. This technique requires two people.

You should stay away from their neck and head for you to be safe. The safest move is to grab the hind legs of the dogs and pull it up quickly and pull them away from each other This is the most ideal method because this is fast and safe for both you and the dogs.

But always remember to exercise extreme caution when doing this to prevent unwanted accidents.

Seeing our dogs fight with one another or with others will certainly scare us. But remember that if intervention is really needed, then don’t forget these tips.

In addition, a calm demeanor will surely help you think more critically. Panicking will do nothing.

And if it the fight goes out of hand, you can always call for the help of someone. Or better yet visit your vet if the aggressive behavior of your dog is constant. This way you can both go for a walk without having your dog getting into a fight again.



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