Barking is basically a trait known to all dogs, but not too frequent that it starts to get to everyone’s nerves. The same is true with other breeds who may howl and/or vocalize more as compared with other breeds. The more frequent they do that though, the easier you know that there is something wrong with your dog and you need to teach him or her how and when to be quiet.

Training dogs may not be your cup of tea but you know what, you can actually teach your own dog how to be quiet sometimes. Below are some of the easy ways on how to make your dog quiet:

Use speech command rather than verbal reprimand

You see, your dog may not have the same quotient of intelligence and emotion as you so you need to lead the way to learning. When your dog is making a lot of noise by barking or howling, it sure has a behavioral problem. Your furry friend cannot understand a reprimand, including verbal, or worse may misunderstood such as an encouragement to what he or she is doing. So the best way is to make your dog understand the meaning of “quiet” by doing some speech command until they are able to understand the word and follow.   


Take your dog to another place or room when he or she is barking insanely


This will drive the dog to silence. To prevent any confusion, though, make sure that you reward your dog for his or her moment of silence after a few seconds of real silence. This will come across as an encouragement of being peaceful and silent. The next time your dog become overly energized, he or she would remember that a few moment of silence can earn him a treat.

Give your dog a whiff of citronella when he or she starts to bark crazily

This thing is definitely unpleasant to dogs, so when they are placed near them, they surely get distracted and forget barking. This sends a message that the next they bark unwantedly, they will get a reprimand with the use of citronella. This thing added to bark-activated dog collar and you get a good device to eliminate too much barking of your dog. It will simply release that whiff of unpleasant citronella whenever the dog starts barking.

Block the view of the triggers to your dog’s continuous barking

If this is your neighbors, them make sure that you place something between your dog and your neighbor. This way, the dog will no longer see whatever it is that encourage him to bark.

If all these methods won’t be enough to stop your dog from barking all day long then you might want to go for a more complicated procedure. De-barking is well-known among dog owners because of the instant result to quieting your dog. While others think of this process as inhumane, there is no other process that is faster and more effective than this.




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