Adopting an animal from rescue centers is one of the kindest things a person can do. These dogs need love and care that only humans can give. But remember, these dogs are in the shelter because they were rescued. For some reason, they were either voluntarily surrendered or abandoned by their previous owners. So for you to successfully adopt any of these dogs, you need to be ready to handle different behavioral issues as well as the personality of each dog.

Some dogs may have a history of bad behavior, which made their previous owner abandon them in the first place. But don’t be discouraged. These undesirable behaviors are developed because of the mistakes their previous owners have made. If you are determined enough to ensure you won’t be making the same mistakes, it should not be a problem.

How canine behavioral issues start

It starts when the humans who are supposed to care for a dog fail to meet this need. The situations listed below are some of the common reasons why dogs become a problem and are often surrendered or abandoned to shelters.


“Unmanageable” attitude

By nature, dogs live and thrive in packs. They need a social structure and need the order and stability. In modern times, dogs need to realize that in a family setting, it’s the humans who take the lead. Unfortunately, some people fail to understand this much needed set up. Once a pooch perceives that he can get his way, this is when he develops unwanted behavior. Sadly, he is labeled as “unmanageable.”

Separation anxiety

In general, dogs don’t like to be left alone. But if you have to work 8-hours a day, every day, it’s best that you find a dog-sitter. They also don’t like to be tied alone in the yard. They need their family to be around them. Dogs that are left alone may develop unwanted behaviors such as whining, barking and crying. It can become a problem if there are neighbors involved.

Maladjusted behavior

Dogs can become mentally unstable if their living conditions are not met. For example, dogs love to wander, and if they are kept indoors for long periods, it will prevent them from getting their much-needed exercise. The situation will often lead to dogs behaving strangely – like they may do self-harm or destroy objects around their home.

What you can do

To be successful in turning a dog’s behavior a complete 180 degrees from his previous life, you have to understand what he needs. A dog needs security, safety, and comfortability. You, as his new leader, should follow your obligations and responsibilities as a pet owner.

See to it that you are the leader and your home belongs to humans. A dog needs to understand his place in the family. By taking control, you are relieving your dog from the stress of ruling ‘his’ pack. Show him who’s the boss. You can begin by doing it first – like going before your pet when entering your living room. Showing your pooch that you are the leader is not detrimental to him. Instead, you are teaching him that he can relax and enjoy because you are there to take care of everything as his protector.



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